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Welcome to Born Again Banjos located in Pittsburgh. PA.

  Tom Moran here. This enterprise began with the idea of flea market banjo restoration and decoration, but soon grew to include the building of new banjos and mandolins. Under the guidance and watchfull eye of Alex Meleshenko, I was fortunate enough to be able to concentrate on building acoustic guitars, in addition to banjo pimping.
As things turned out, I found myself day dreaming about building hybrid instruments based on traditional West African models. To see the first of these instruments, the HYBRID XALAM PROJECT just click. Going further down this branch (literally), I made two gourd bodied 'ngonis'.
Other stops along the way have been a CBG with Appalachian dulcimer fretting, THE HURDY GOURDY, and THE ANTLYRE. As my pal Roger said, "You may not be the first guy to make an instrument out of a deer antler, but you’re probably the first one in two thousand years."

ngonis1 antlyre_3 gourdbody1

Just as a note, because my working time is limited, I usually don't take on repair jobs as a rule. Generally, I'm pretty free about giving advise, so if you have an issue, you can contact me and I'll probably tell you how to fix it yourself or tell you who can. That being said, if you have an idea for a custom built instrument or inlay, contact me and we can discuss it.


There are photo galleries of instruments I have built and rebuilt and links to various sites of interest. so just poke around. Be sure to visit our sister page on myspace for the latest gourd growing up date and my LUTHIERY BLOG, which is usually up to date with what I'm working on.

There are photos of many of the instruments on MY FLICKR PAGE. I'll be adding new ones as I take them.


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